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10ml BottleWS1001GREENWAY CBD CANNABIS OIL DROPS 300MG (3%)€27.99€19.59€18.19€16.79€14.00€11.20
10ml BottleWS1002GREENWAY CBD CANNABIS OIL DROPS 600MG (6%)€39.99€27.99€25.99€23.99€20.00€16.00
10ml BottleWS1003GREENWAY CBD CANNABIS OIL DROPS 1000MG (10%)€69.99€48.99€45.49€41.99€35.00€28.00
10ml BottleWS1004GREENWAY CBD CANNABIS OIL DROPS 2500MG (25%)€165.00€115.50€107.25€99.00€82.50€66.00
100g BarWS1005GREENWAY CBD CHOCOLATE DAYTIME 100G *€28.00€19.60€18.20€16.80€14.00€11.20
50g BarWS1006GREENWAY CBD CHOCOLATE DAYTIME 50G *€14.99€10.49€9.74€8.99€7.50€6.00
100g BarWS1007GREENWAY CBD CHOCOLATE NIGHT TIME 100G *€28.00€19.60€18.20€16.80€14.00€11.20
50g BarWS1008GREENWAY CBD CHOCOLATE NIGHT TIME 50G *€14.99€10.49€9.74€8.99€7.50€6.00
50g BarWS1009GREENWAY CBD MILK CHOCOLATE HEMP SEEDS & SALT 50G (30MG CBD) *€5.00€3.50€3.25€3.00€2.50€2.00
50g BarWS1010CBD DARK CHOCOLATE MINT & MANGO 50G (30MG CBD) *€5.00€3.50€3.25€3.00€2.50€2.00
250g BagWS1011GREENWAY CBD INFUSION COFFEE€29.99€20.99€19.49€17.99€15.00€12.00
150g BagWS1012GREENWAY CBD INFUSION TEA€24.99€17.49€16.24€14.99€12.50€10.00
WS1013HOT CHOCOLATE€3.41€2.39€2.22€2.05€1.71€1.36
50ml BottleWS1014GREENWAY PETCARE 300MG€34.99€24.49€22.74€20.99€17.50€14.00
50ml BottleWS1015GREENWAY PETCARE 600MG€49.99€34.99€32.49€29.99€25.00€20.00
23g BottleWS1016ECOCAPS 30MG CAPSULES€74.99€52.49€48.74€44.99€37.50€30.00
50g ottleWS1017ECOGELS 30MG €67.50€47.25€43.88€40.50€33.75€27.00
60ml BottleWS1018ECOSHOT ENERGY 25+MG *€5.00€3.50€3.25€3.00€2.50€2.00
60ml BottleWS1019ECOSHOT RELAX 25+MG *€5.00€3.50€3.25€3.00€2.50€2.00
14g BagWS1020ECO SWEETS *€7.99€5.59€5.19€4.79€4.00€3.20
30ml bottleWS1021ECODERM *€34.99€24.49€22.74€20.99€17.50€14.00
7ml BottleWS1022CBD DRIP GOLD *€9.99€6.99€6.49€5.99€5.00€4.00
7ml BottleWS1023CBD DRIP PLATINUM *€19.99€13.99€12.99€11.99€10.00€8.00
7ml BottleWS1024CBD DRIP ONYX *€34.99€24.49€22.74€20.99€17.50€14.00

* Selected products subject to 23% vat

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